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Your career at OCM

Discover what you're capable of and use it to make a difference. Challenges, support, opportunities, inspiration, and development - we want to make your career path unique.
Because we at OCM know that at the beginning, centre, and end of all things is the potential of the individual. We want to realise your potential.


Ready for one hell of a ride?!?

What can you expect at OCM?

OCM Management Consultants is a management consultancy specialising in modern procurement consulting, logistics & supply chain management, and sustainable value enhancement. We are entrepreneurs and problem solvers. In times of globalisation and digitalisation, we help our customers generate competitive advantages through cost optimisation, improved efficiency, and sustainability.

To do this, we need innovative, smart minds who possess the ambition to work with the client to find the best solutions and realise them in a sustainable manner. The challenges and industries of our customers are as diverse as they are exciting and promise incomparable experiences and the potential for constant personal development.

In addition to your development, we strongly promote self-realisation, entrepreneurial thinking, and personal well-being. At OCM we are convinced that only together, with good humour and a common goal, can we achieve sustainable success!


What do we offer?

Career NetworkPersonal CoachingBuild our companyStar-Up-LeaveFrei-TagLearning on the jobTraining ProgrammePerformance & Health CoachingEmployee Benefit ProgrammeLeave & Part time WorkOwnership Programme

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a diverse range of personality traits, skills, and experience to be able to support our clients with their challenges and in shaping their future.

The ideal OCM candidate combines willpower and determination coupled with a conviction in our shared values.

Confidence and the ambition to comprehend even the most difficult challenges and to question the status quo even amongst resistance are the qualities we look for and ultimately help us grow successfully as a team


Graduates and Students:

We recruit graduates with an excellent` academic record from renowned universities and business schools as business analysts. During their studies, we offer these students the opportunity to gain experience and insights into management consulting through an internship, a working student position, or a supervised thesis.


Experienced Hires:

Of course, we also recruit experienced candidates with relevant experience in procurement, operations, logistics and supply chain management as well as top talent from all other professional fields.  


Successful candidates usually have the following qualities:

  • strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • innovative, quick thinking and the ability to prioritise the essential
  • clear, precise, and efficient communication skills with the ability to convince and persuade
  • high degree of authenticity, motivation, dynamism, and willpower

Our Values