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Does your company waste valuable resources?

  • Are innovation and a structured action plan missing within strategic procurement and/or your supply chain?
  • Do you fail to see the success of procurement and logistics optimisation in your EBIT?
  • Do lived processes, guidelines, and lack of compliance result in high costs?
  • Are Procurement and SCM overly involved in daily business and lack time to reduce costs and optimise logistics?
  • Are the digitalisation of procurement and the digital supply chain often talked about but not realised?
  • Does a lack of innovation and novel thinking resukt in failing to critically question entrenched methods of working?

In an Opportunity Assessment, we examine the potential for optimisation in your organisation and determine how this can be realised in concrete terms:

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What distinguishes OCM

With our experience as specialists in the field of cost and operational optimisation within procurement consulting, logistics optimisation, and supply chain management, we know exactly how to achieve your goals, how to measure them on an annual basis, and how to implement them sustainably. Many times in the past, we have proven ourselves to clients by demonstrating the difference between generalists and specialists.

2) Measurable ROI:
We offer you results that are easy to measure in financial and qualitative terms, combined with milestone-based service delivery and performance-based compensation.

3) Expertise & Innovation:
As a relatively young management consultancy, we combine proven expertise and experience from traditional procurement consultancy, logistics optimisation and supply chain management with innovative approaches, digital know-how and modern project methodology. We give everything to prove ourselves on the job!

4) People & DNA:
We at OCM do our utmost to ensure that our consultants make the individual challenges and objectives of our clients their own. Authenticity, trust, empathy, and pragmatism are key to collaboration, action, and performance on all levels. In order to achieve successful change, we involve your employees at ground level, take them on the journey with us, and make them part of the solution.

5) Management consulting that works:
Our services are successful on a national and international level across all industries. In most cases, we can complement functional expertise with experience in your or a comparable industry.

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Some selected client references

Omnicare Pharma

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No time? No budget? Another consultancy...?

How much time and money does your company lose due to a lack of best practices, efficient processes, and cost awareness? How often are existing resources overly involved in the day-to-day business? Do entrenched structures and views prevent solutions? How often are results assessed and measured without transparency and reliability, or maybe not measured at all? We help you to reduce costs, improve performance, and create sustainable value for your company through strategic procurement, logistics optimisation, and supply chain management.

Failing to act could come at the greatest cost to your company

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