In times of globalisation, increasing scarcity of resources, and digitalisation, we help our customers generate competitive advantages through cost optimisation, improved efficiency, and sustainability, thus increasing the value of the company. That is why we dive deep into current events, trends and issues. Read our assessment of current topics, gain new insights and learn more about our approaches.

S&OP Process
  • More than Supply Planning, part of Corporate Planning... What is (good) S&OP?
  • 5 Best Practices to make your S&OP process run smoothly
  • What exactly is the Supply Chain Act, who does it affect, and what must a company do to comply with it?
Labor Shortage in Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Reasons & impact of the shortage of skilled workers
  • How can a company counteract this in the short, medium and long term?
Warehouse Planning
  • Alignment, function & structuring of warehouses
  • Challenges in warehouse planning / warehouse optimisation
Active Risk Management in Procurement
  • Identifying, avoiding / minimising procurement risks and making existing risks in the company transparent
Negotiation Powerhouse
  • Intensive price negotiations for indirect & direct categories
  • Reducing costs and restructuring the supplier base in the shortest time possible
Sustainable Transport
  • The transition to sustainable transport is inevitable
  • Digital, process or fleet - numerous solutions promising sustainability
Price Volatility in Procurement
  • What challenges does procurement face in volatile markets?
  • Six ways to deal with price volatility in procurement