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Florian Dederichs

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Interim supply chain manager wanted? Find one using the experts!


Sudden staff shortages – particularly in key positions – can have a significant impact on your company and the achievement of your goals. You must close the gap in the short term, ensure the fulfilment of your objectives, and allow for a smooth transition to a permanent replacement. In this situation, a suitable interim supply chain manager / interim logistics manager is the best solution.

As a management consultancy for logistics and supply chain management, we know exactly what it takes:

  • Selecting the best candidates for a challenge in logistics and supply chain management
  • Creating added value from day one, even in an unfamiliar environment
  • The difference the combination of our know-how and an interim manager's experience can make

We help you meet short-term staffing needs in the best possible way in order to emerge from a difficult situation even stronger.


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Why use an interim supply chain manager / interim logistics manager?


Staff shortages can very quickly cause problems and push the existing team to its limits. Do some of the following points also apply to your logistics or supply chain management?

The connections with and knowledge about stakeholders, the access to analyses, and the relationships with suppliers are among the things that are not systematically stored and are therefore lost with a departing employee. Be it due to prolonged illness, resignation, or restructuring, the sudden loss of an employee creates gaps.

The more specialised the skill requirements, the greater the demands of the job, and the more far-reaching the management responsibilities, the harder it is to find a suitable resource. Meanwhile, the day-to-day business continues...

Regular employees are not necessarily accustomed to quickly adapting and immediately delivering added value in a new, challenging situation. They need a training period, sometimes lasting months, to familiarise themselves with a new environment so that they can fulfil the requirements of the job to their and your satisfaction.

Often, existing staff do not have the free capacity or the know-how to take over the tasks of the employee who has left. Especially in such cases, unfilled positions lead to an accumulation of unfinished tasks. In addition, employees who leave suddenly almost always leave behind situations that require a higher degree of reappraisal and change.

We can free you from this predicament and support you in making your supply chain department flexible and agile – by providing an interim supply chain manager / interim logistics manager.

"Staffing shortages create loose ends, cause pressure & stress for existing staff, and often jeopardise the achievement of objectives."

In a multi-stage selection process, we work with you to choose your ideal candidate. A suitable interim supply chain manager / interim logistics manager can not only avoid personnel bottlenecks, but also achieve added value and improvements from day one. We distinguish ourselves in the selection process through our expertise in logistics & supply chain and the knowledge we develop of your situation – we understand what’s important in a candidate for your specific needs and provide the optimal interim supply chain manager / interim logistics manager.



Our selection process for interim supply chain managers / interim logistics managers


Interim Manager Logistics/Supply Chain Selection Process | OCM Management Consultants



Further advantages of an interim manager appointed by OCM


In our experience, a network of logistics & supply chain specialists alone is not enough to place the ideal candidate. In addition to the selection process for the interim manager, we contribute our know-how of methods and tools and our expertise through regular dialogue.

Furthermore, our team is always available for advice – you have direct access to our functional and industry expertise. For example, we are happy to provide you with our knowledge in the areas of supply chain strategy, transport, and warehousing. We are also happy to exchange ideas on the digitalisation of supply chain management and help you with project management temporarily. We can take over the management of logistics and supply chain for you and provide you with qualified employees or managers on a temporary basis, from the dispatcher to the logistics manager.


Advantages Interim Manager Logistics / Supply Chain with OCM



Interim manager wanted? We fill your vacant position!


Whether in the day-to-day business of your operational logistics management, the support of your strategic supply chain department, or for the completion of a project – our interim managers can cover all needs, from the dispatcher to the logistics manager.

Do you not only need supply chain staff but also managers at short notice? We will be happy to provide you with a qualified interim supply chain manager / interim logistics manager on a temporary basis.

Let’s talk about your needs in logistics & supply chain – we are sure to find a solution. Of course, we are also happy to assist you with challenges in specific areas of the supply chain or other projects within your logistics department. With a single-source solution, we ensure that all those involved work together to achieve your goals. Interested? We would love to arrange a non-binding appointment to discuss your current challenges and possible solutions!


Florian Dederichs

Florian Dederichs

Founder & Partner

M.+49 160 93882573​​

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